Sean Conlon Is In The Real Estate Zone With ‘The Deed: Chicago’

Hollywood Outbreak
Apr 12, 2017

Real estate entrepreneur Sean Conlon has shown he has a skill set for the TV medium with the CNBC series The Deed: Chicago, and expanding his horizons is something that’s not foreign to this Irish immigrant. Coming to the U.S. with just $500 in his pocket, Conlon worked as a janitor and pursued on his real estate dreams whenever his shifts were completed. He started his real estate path in 1993 and made sure that, even if he found success in one aspect of the business, complacency would not be a part of his equation.

“When I started in real estate brokerage, I spotted, somewhat accidental but I (familiarized myself) with the zoning book,” said Conlon who helps people in dire trouble with their properties on The Deed: Chicago. “So it was like learning juggling - it was a useless talent until it suddenly wasn’t. I basically had the zoning book learned up and I figured out that where you had one house, you could tear it down and put three to four. And some lots were maybe five foot deeper and you can put an extra unit on it. That was kind of where I made my bones in the business.”

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