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How these 3 janitors went on to become self-made millionaires

CNBC   |   Apr 27, 2017
With hard work, perseverance and luck, three men who started as janitors became self-made millionaires. Each of the men approached their success differently, but each, in his own way, did what it... Read Article


ELAINESIR   |   Apr 27, 2017
Books move us. They can be modes of escapism and fantasy; they can serve as therapy or education, catharsis or self-identification. They allow us to focus – they give permission to drift.... Read Article

Irish billionaire start-up immigrant says the American Dream continues

Irish Central   |   Apr 25, 2017
Sean Conlon These days, the idea has taken root the American Dream is finished, done, kaput. Just last week, The New York Times noted that a key message in The Fourth Turning, a book... Read Article

Sean Conlon of 'The Deed' on His Worst Flippers Yet: 'I'm Crazy Frustrated!'   |   Apr 21, 2017
Tasos Katopodis/CNBC Not everyone is cut out to flip houses, not even with the help of real estate guru Sean Conlon of "The Deed: Chicago." As proof, the fourth (and last) installment of... Read Article

Real estate mogul: This is one of the biggest mistakes someone just starting out can make

CNBC   |   Apr 19, 2017
Real estate mogul Sean Conlon went to the home improvement store with first-time flipper Kai Bandele because he invested $47,000 in a home renovation project she was leading. Conlon was nervous... Read Article

Top Tips for Flipping Real Estate

Huffington Post   |   Apr 18, 2017
Buying and selling property can be a lucrative way to make money...quickly. It can also be the way to lose it. Millions of viewers each week tune in to watch couples buy houses on the cheap, gut a... Read Article

Self-made millionaire: My fear of being poor again helps me succeed

CNBC   |   Apr 18, 2017
Tony Robbins argues that hunger is the most important indicator of success. Self-made real estate tycoon Sean Conlon explains that his own hunger comes from his modest upbringing and immigrant... Read Article

Sean Conlon Interviews on WGN Morning News

WGN TV   |   Apr 14, 2017
Watch Sean's interview with WGN Morning News here.

Will This House Flip Blow Up? Just Ask Sean Conlon of 'The Deed: Chicago'   |   Apr 14, 2017
CNBC Not all house flips have happy endings. In fact, many intrepid newbie investors lose their shirts. And that's what appears to be on tap in the latest... Read Article

Real estate mogul: Buying a house is your fastest path to wealth

CNBC   |   Apr 12, 2017
Should you buy or should you rent? According to the numbers, renting is cheaper in every state as well as the District of Columbia. Still, real estate mogul Sean Conlon, star of CNBC's "The... Read Article