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When Your General Contractor Is Your Worst Nightmare   |   Apr 12, 2017
Frustrated flippers Larry and Chantill explain to host Sean Conlon how a series of renovation mistakes, overseen by their dubious general contractor, have caused them to bleed money. The Deed:... Read Article

'The Deed' Host Sean Conlon on Chicago's Next Big Neighborhoods

Michigan Avenue Magazine   |   Apr 12, 2017
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Sean Conlon Is In The Real Estate Zone With ‘The Deed: Chicago’

Hollywood Outbreak   |   Apr 12, 2017
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Sean Conlon of 'The Deed: Chicago' Meets the Worst Real Estate Investors Yet   |   Apr 07, 2017
CNBC Investing in real estate is a venture that many dream of, but very few can do right. Just ask Sean Conlon,... Read Article

Self-made millionaire: Here's how yelling at work can cost you   |   Apr 05, 2017
When Chicago house-flipper Bryan Sonn got mad, he got loud. He yelled, swore and sometimes even punched a hole in a wall if he wasn't happy with the construction on his properties... Read Article

There's Nothing Funny About This Real Estate Investor's Money   |   Apr 05, 2017
WATCH THE VIDEO: When it comes to his money, real estate entrepreneur Sean Conlon isn't looking for laughs. And in a tense... Read Article

JF946: Learn the Secrets that took CNBC TV Star Sean Conlon From Assistant Janitor to Real Estate Mogul   |   Apr 04, 2017
  Fear and focus were two paramount tools for Sean Conlon, star of all brand new reality series, The Deed Chicago. In this episode, Conlon shares details of journey from an assistant janitor... Read Article

Real estate mogul: In the 90s, I looked for Starbucks; now I buy when I see this   |   Apr 04, 2017
Real estate mogul Sean Conlon has seen every type of neighborhood. As a child, he lived in a 1,000-square-foot... Read Article

Think You Want To Flip Homes? Watch The Deed: Chicago   |   Apr 04, 2017
3730 N Claremont before rennovation About a year ago I was approached by a TV producer who... Read Article

Hot Property: Whatever the season   |   Apr 01, 2017
Baseball, basketball, football? Professional sports figures account for a fair chunk of the notable names to make... Read Article