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Who's Who 2013

Chicago Agent Magazine   |   Jul 01, 2013
Steve Horvath and Sean Conlon Though the company entered the marketplace at a tumultuous time – in the midst of the worst housing downturn since the Great Depression – that didn’t seem to faze... Read Article

The Janitor Turned Property Giant

The Business with George Lee   |   Sep 15, 2012
Sean Conlon, one of Chicago’s most successful real estate entrepreneurs, talks trials and triumphs in business. Listen to the full length interview with George Lee here.

Breaking Ground

Realtor Magazine   |   Jun 01, 2001
"I wasn't as prepared as I thought," says Sean Conlon of his first year as the co-owner of Sussex... Read Article

TOP PERFORMER: Rags to Riches

Realtor Magazine   |   Jun 01, 2000
My life is a Horatio Alger story," says Sean Conlon, director of sales and marketing at Sussex... Read Article

Big Move: Conlon Leaves Koenig & Strey; City’s Top Agent Helps Form New Company

Metro Chicago   |   Feb 01, 2000
New real estate companies pop up in the Chicago area all the time. Usually, they arrive on the scene quietly, posing little threat to the big names of local real estate. But Sussex... Read Article

Birth of a Salesman

Chicago Magazine   |   Feb 01, 1998
Seven years ago, Sean Conlon was the city's newest Irish immigrant, pushing a broom at night for five bucks an hour. But then Chicago's real estate market began to boom, and Conlon caught the wave.... Read Article