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The Gentleman Adventurer

Outside of his business pursuits and charitable foundation, Sean has two great passions: fly fishing and travel. His introduction to fly fishing happened early on and very soon thereafter became engrossed with this newfound passion. By the age of twelve, Sean started to show the early signs of his negotiating skills by writing letters to fishery owners with the best fishing rights in Ireland and asking for permission to fish on their rivers. Since his first cast on the River Slate in his hometown, he has fished such exotic locations as the Seychelles, Norway, Kenya as well as Iceland, to name a few, and can most often be found fishing out of Bute Inlet in British Columbia.

Sean is a life-long learner and feels that adventure is his best teacher. Whether hiking through the Cambodian jungle to reach the awe inspiring Angor Wat to viewing the mesmerizing sunrise over Machu Picchu to experiencing the high-noon sun directly overhead at the Pyramids of Giza to watching the sunset off of the Galapagos Islands, Sean has visited many of our world’s most important heritage sites. Sean’s spirit of adventure extends to more current cultural sites as well be it taking in the beaches and ruins of the Greek Islands where you can find him every summer to an occasional stop through the Amalfi coast or Portofino or enjoying a nice French wine on Panarea looking out on Stromboli. Nevertheless, Sean’s international home away from home is England in the Mayfair neighborhood of London and generally can be found at his club, 5 Hertford Street.