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Conlon Wildlife Foundation

Sean and his sister Fiona established the foundation as a public charity in 2007 to fulfill a lifelong ambition to aid animal welfare worldwide. Donate here.

Growing up in a household filled with various types of domestic and native animals instilled in Sean and Fiona a love of all living things. From the pet dogs and cats, mostly strays that wandered into their garden to injured birds/hedgehogs/foxes etc., all were given sanctuary.

Through personal experiences gained whilst working voluntarily in various rescue centers worldwide, Sean and Fiona witnessed independent animal welfare organizations struggling to meet daily demands due to limited funding and manpower. Individuals wanting to make a difference established these rescue centers, and they sacrifice their daily lives, income, and every available minute to continue to provide vital services to those animals in the direst situations. This need inspired Sean and Fiona to create the foundation along with their brother Kieran.

The Conlon Wildlife Foundation's aim is not to set up an animal rescue center or a wildlife project, it is to raise funds and/or manpower (direct volunteers) to aid already existing independently functioning organizations that depend almost entirely on public donations of funds and time.

Over the years, the foundation has supported projects worldwide including EHRA, Elephant Family, Animal Rescue Kerala, Hacienda Santa Martha, AHAR, Kildare Animal Foundation, Dog Trust, The Atlantic Salmon Trust, COTERC, in addition to many others in the United States.

Donate to the foundation here.